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ROL 2 advertising stand

ROL 2 advertising stand - width 85 cm, easy-to-use roll-up system with an attractive design and many variants.

Width: 85 cm
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 3600 g

Price: 39 € w/o VAT


The ROL 2 advertising stand is a modern display system which is very easy to use while also having a particularly attractive design. It will effectively attract your customer, conveying the necessary information to him quickly and elegantly. An aluminium pole, easy to remove and of a fixed height of 200 cm, serves for assembly. A practical nylon carrier bag, facilitating transport, is included in the set. These advertising banners can be used for the ROL 2 system: G1- G10. The ROL 2 advertising stand can be assembled in 30 seconds.


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